Enhance Your Home With Custom Wooden Furniture

Enhance Your Home With Custom Wooden Furniture

Beautiful hardwood designs at Factory Oak Furniture in Yakima, WA

If you are furnishing your home, consider investing in wood furniture instead of mass-produced metal or plastic designs. Our custom wood furniture at Factory Oak is beautiful, comfortable and longer-lasting than any items you'll find in the stores. With over 28 years making custom furniture, we can create just what your home needs to stand out in Yakima, Washington.

Add class, grace and elegance to your home

Wood furniture adds a luxurious touch to any home. We’ll help you select the best wood to match your decor. Our services include:

  • Creating furniture in sizes to fit your space
  • Helping you decide on color, design and wood type
  • Building furniture with 100% oak, hickory, cherry and maple wood

If you aren't sure of what type of wood to choose, you can look through our project design book for inspiration. Call 509-469-9415 now to schedule an appointment with Factory Oak Furniture.